About me


An international and multidisciplinary trajectory, with digital as a constant

Welcome to my new blog. With the Digital Age there is a vigorous transformation underway in different areas of society, which makes us rethink what happens in our lives with the impact of technology: as executives, academics, consumers, voters, or just as citizens. Changes in society are the main source for those who make decisions in marketing and communication, so we need to understand exactly what is going on.

I’m Carlos Victor Costa, PhD, marketing and communication professional and business school lecturer. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, I have been living in London since 2014, but prior to that I had lived in Madrid for 7 years. This blog is the result of my two decades of experience in the digital world and in different business segments. From this international trajectory, leading or participating in many projects of creation or development of brands in large companies and consultancies, I aim with this new blog (my 3rd since 2008!) to try to understand and explain what is happening with business in the Digital Age and its effects on decision making in my area of expertise, which is marketing and communications.

The advance of “digital” is unstoppable and affects various fields of knowledge and industries, which requires a different look at the way we do business. There are many promises and an upcoming revolution. The main task now it’s not to evangelise, but to deliver on these promises and implement the change and all its possibilities. The goal of this blog  is to help with some guidelines to managers that will deliver on these promises and make all this happen.

There are some topics of special interest: social media and some related topics such as digital surveillance, post-truth, fake news, activism, etc.. My attention will also be focused on digital strategy, online reputation and crisis management, lead generation, off-online integration, branding, change management and consumer behavior. These are sometimes very complex issues, but I will approach them as practical as possible. However, I will not neglect the conceptual part as it’s important to know why things are as they are.

Although my previous blog on Crisis Management and Online Reputation Management was very successful, being selected as one of the best in 2012 in Spain, I hope this blog can do even better. In addition to practical experience in different companies, much of what I will share is the result of my research in the field of online reputation that originated my doctoral thesis at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2015) . There is another important source for this blog which is the content developed for my classes at ESIC-Instituto de la Economía Digital in Spain.

To know more about my me and professional profile, please have a look on LinkedIn.