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  • “The practical content was spectacular, he made us learn a lot, plus all the theory that he explained to us, we all participated, we laughed, and we learned. You cannot ask for more with this great teacher !!”
  •  “So far, he has been the teacher that I liked the most, for his enthusiasm, his knowledge and his way of teaching.”
  • “Outstanding, the teacher who has best known how to blend academic principles with real practical examples.”
  • “Very good. Both professionally and personally. The best teacher I’ve had from the master so far. He should give us more classes.”
  • “By far, the best session of the entire course; vibrant, dynamic, very participatory and with rhythm. “
  • “The best teacher of the entire course, without a doubt.”
  • “Magnificent communicator”
  • “When a subject, regardless of its attractiveness, is imparted with enthusiasm, it is transmitted; so much so that at late Saturday he kept us awake and attentive. Fantastic speaker and content, very close to the expectations offered by the title of the class. “
  • “I loved every single class we had with him. I found extremely interesting his classes and how he was able to connect the theory imparted with the pratical/personal real life situations. He pushed us into participating in the sessions in order to learn and remember the content. (…) Thank you Carlos for sharing your knowledge with us!”

These are some real comments from students about my classes (more comments on my LinkedIn profile) and that reflect my style as speaker and lecturer. In the last 12 years I have regularly read classes and presented conferences for professionals and students in business faculties and executive events. I also have led workshops and in-company training for organisations such as Philips, Airbus, Lafarge, Repsol, Renfe (Spain’s railway company), Petrobras (Brazil), Sonangol (Angola), Digitel (Venezuela). Business institutions with I collaborate/have collaborated in Spain: ESIC / Icemd, EOI-School of Industrial Organisation, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, IE-Instituto de Empresa. In Brazil: FGV and ESPM-RJ.

My work in the area of capability and as executive speaker is characterised by a style that engages the audience. I like to blend practice and theory, using the wealthy of experiences I have as an executive who has worked in different industries in three continents in the last 20 years. However, I also shared bits of theoretical foundations as well and for that I use my extensive academic background (PhD, MA, Executive MBA).

The activities I lead in a class or in a workshop tend to be very interactive (I use simulations, role-play, case studies, and even live surveys) and achieve key objectives such as

  1. Offer a “big picture” view: the strategic foundations, the “why”
  2. Enable participants to understand new concepts and see their applicability, the “what”
  3. Provide tools for implementation in the short term, the “how”
  4. Create the environment for participants to think critically about their challenges and find the motivation necessary to drive change, the “I want to do” effect

Lectures and classes can be imparted in Spanish, English or Portuguese, face-to-face or online.

To discuss your project and count with me for capability projects or speaking events, please contact me at