How the Digital Revolution is unfolding: notes from DES2018

The Digital Revolution is a reality and in the DES2018 I saw it at full speed. I was at the DES2018 – Digital World Business conference held in Madrid last week and I can confirm that the social networking is old news. What is being discussed now is something else. There were three intense days leading speakers and excellent participation, with the topics focused on the new technologies that are already transforming the world: in short, companies and society in general must buckle up and be ready for important changes. It was an excellent event and could not ask for more: information and first quality network. It was worth the trip.

There was a great diversity of themes in the DES2018, but in the next posts I will share some ideas shared by key players in the digital landscape, and some lessons that caught my attention, namely:

  1. KPMG and IBM: the confirmation that we are entering a new phase of the Digital Age, as I mentioned in my post about what I call cyberlife, the third stage of this era.
  2. Accenture: the new marketing business to consumer, highly analytical, personalized and based on insights
  3. Opel: in an exclusive interview, let´s do a deep dive on the importance of analytics in business
  4. Mercer, the largest human resources consultancy, and the impact of digital in the business to business market and in people
  5. University of Berkeley: the challenges of Artificial Intelligence – amazing!
  6. Acalvio Technologies: the challenges of cybersecurity – scary!

Shall we start?