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Carlos Victor Costa es director de las másteres de Comunicación y Publicidad de ESIC

I have left the blog on hold in recent months, and the explanation is simple: A few months ago I started a new role in Spain as a director of two postgraduate programs at ESIC Business & Marketing School in Madrid (the Master in Communication Management and Advertising and the Master’s Degree in Communication Management and New Technologies). So the period has been fully dedicated to adapt to the professional and personal changes, but I’m resuming the blog now. And I have a lot of topics to write about! So, a Happy 2019 to everyone and let´start it over, I want to analyze and comment on what is happening in the world of the transformation of marketing and communication and the impacts on business decisions. Like, for example, all this controversy involving the Gillette new positioning and ad. I´ve already written a preliminary, more academic, analysis about it, published in Marketing, a Spanish specialized site on marketing. But I will return to this subject in the next post, with a personal view on the topic.

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