Like the Phoenix: we need to unlearn to learn how to decide in the Digital Age

Welcome to my new blog. With the Digital Age there is a vigorous transformation underway in different areas of society, which makes us rethink what happens in our lives with the impact of technology: as executives, academics, consumers, voters, or just as citizens. The importance of this topics lies in the fact that we know that changes in society are the main source for those who make decisions in marketing and communication, so we need to understand exactly what is going on.

This blog seeks to find explanations and identify ways to navigate this new environment. It’s my fourth blog, so I already have some experience. The first one was in 2008 on Communication and Marketing in general, and it was my way of presenting myself in Europe after I left Brazil in 2007. I published 143 posts on that blog. The second one, started in the end of 2011, was about Online Crisis and Reputation, and it was one of the first blogs about the global issue on the subject. It was an exciting project, achieved considerable recognition in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. It was also an important tool to develop ideas and content for my classes and for my PhD thesis in online reputation and crisis management by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid finished in 2015 with a Cum Laude mark. Later, when I moved to London in 2014, I started another blog, in English, but the truth is that I did not devote the necessary time to do it as I wanted. And a blog is like a baby or a plant: it demands dedication and care.

Now, this blog is my rebirth as a blogger and I trust I will have fun, which is one of the main reasons for blogging! He is as generic as my first blog, which gives me the freedom to approach different topics based on my practical and academic knowledge. But, at the same time, it is also focused on an objective aspect that has caught my attention in recent years: the changes in marketing and communication (and in society as a whole) as a result of the Digital Era and its impact on strategic decision making. The issue of creating trust in digital environments will be something frequent as it was in my blog about online reputation, and crisis cases will be inevitable, but there will be space for other topics, so I will also be addressing critical issues related to the management of marketing and communication departments, such as digital strategy, demand generation, research or branding, among other topics of the moment.

Surely there will be much to write and share from my professional career, academic experience or lectures. I hope we see each other many times around here for this new journey.